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Mount Kratom Affiliate Program

Kratom products are becoming more and more popular everyday. Moreover, are you aware that you have the opportunity to generate income from this thriving industry? That’s right! The Mount Kratom Affiliate Program presents a convenient side gig that rewards you for promoting our website.

Here’s the Process:
Enroll as an affiliate marketer for Mount Kratom by completing the provided form.
Once we review and accept your application, you’ll receive a distinct website link. This link will include your personalized key signature, making it exclusively yours.
Promote your Mount Kratom link everywhere you can think of: your website, social media profiles, blogs—anywhere that can attract traffic.
Whenever someone uses your link to access Mount Kratom and completes a purchase, you’ll receive a 25% affiliate commission based on the purchase value.

Additionally, you’ll be rewarded if your visitors become repeat customers! How does it work? Within 30 days of using your link, your visitors will automatically utilize your affiliate link when making subsequent purchases (unless they happen clear their cookies, which is unusual).

How Will You Receive Payment?
We’ve made our kratom affiliate program hassle-free and straightforward. Our affiliates are paid every Thursday, with the funds directly deposited into your PayPal account. Ensure that you have a (free) PayPal account before signing up as a Mount Kratom affiliate.

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