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A Guide to Buying Kratom Online

Buying Kratom online

You know that feeling when you go on Amazon to order something, but then realize it’s not listed? All you can find are books or t-shirts about it but that’s not what you want!  No matter where you look, Wal-Mart, GNC, even your local health food store, no kratom. 

Kratom has been a sought-after herb for ages now, and it’s not surprising that people would be willing to go through all kinds of lengths just so they could get their hands on some.

Back in the early days, before kratom exploded in popularity, there were only a handful of vendors importing the stuff. If you ask a veteran user about their past experiences they will tell you about just how hard it was to acquire. They had to deal with all kinds of problems from poor quality control to payment issues to long delivery times and sometimes complete scams- not what anyone wants from their purchase! 

Even though the industry has improved dramatically, it’s important to be careful when you buy kratom online because it is still unregulated. You might end up getting ripped off or worse, getting an adulterated product with dangerous chemicals! 

Luckily we’ve put together this guide on identifying red flags so you can avoid getting taken advantage of by scammers!

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How most people find the best kratom online

  • Word of Mouth: The best way to find a reliable kratom vendor is from a trusted friend. If you have friends who regularly buy from different vendors and recommend them, this will save time in having do your own research on which brand has what effect for how much money!
  • Trial & Error: You could also try out many brands at once by ordering kratom samples first to decide whether you like their products. If you’re worried about a bait & switch (where they offer great samples but change up later when customer makes a large order) make sure not to wait too long between orders and check for a refund policy. 
  • Do your Own Research: When you’re looking for the best kratom, it pays to do your research. Find three brands you like and trust and make sure that the product you want (kratom) meets all standards before making the purchase! 

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