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Kava Vs. Kratom

Natural Stimulation: Kratom Vs. CoffeeNatural Stimulation: Kratom Vs. CoffeeDespite the pharmaceutical industry producing more and more products each year, it’s often herbal products that attract society’s attention. One of these products is Kava, which we discuss in detail below. You’ll be fascinated by some of the feedback and if you’re already using products like Kratom

kratom extract vs powder

Kratom: Extract Vs. Powder Consumption

Kratom Extract vs Powder – Which Is Better for You? Kratom consumption can be accomplished in two ways. Either the plant is prepared and mixed with a beverage such as tea, or an extract can be produced from the plant using a chemical process.What is the difference? Why should the kratom consumer care? From a

Natural Stimulation: Kratom Vs. Coffee

Two stimulants, one accepted as a polite morning beverage for centuries, the other less known, but slowly beginning to realize its potential among people around the world. They both can provide stimulation, making a bleary eyed, yawning face suddenly burst with energy and enthusiasm for a new day. There are differences though. For example. While

kratom vs marijuana

A Tale of Two Herbs: Kratom Vs Marijuana

Pain relief comes in many forms. People often turn to opioids and naturally growing herbs because they are suffering from physical pain which they are trying to alleviate. While the consequences of opioids and painkillers are often addiction and dependence with life threatening effects, marijuana and kratom provide different forms of relief with potentially far

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