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Based on 212 reviews
Red Bali Capsules
Ellen Carr
Red Bali Capsules

I've been pleased with the Red Bali capsules. I've taken for migraines and it's helped.

Doesn’t live up to same day shipping claim

First time order, website claims same day shipping before 3 pm. Placed order at 12:28 pm on a Friday. Printing a shipping label was all they could manage. Printing a shipping label and actually putting the package in the hands of the USPS are 2 different things. Pretty sure the post office is open on Saturday, too. Didn’t ship then, either. I’ve simultaneously placed my first and last order with mount kratom.


its the best duh but could i get a discount code since such a good customer plz? :3

My Favorite

This strain seems to be the best for me. I've tried them all, too. It uplifts my mood, gives me the warm & fuzzies and gives me energy without the jitters. Recommend highly!

Not what I expected

I wanted to try something different & I ordered the Gold it did not work as well as the Red Ming Da. This is not Mount Kratom’s fault! I like their products, it just seems the Gold does not affect me!

Great Product!

I’ve been using this product for a few years now, and it certainly works for me.

White Thai Powder
frankwenzl Wenzl

Could be stronger and give more pain relief. Been doing this for 5-7 years , using to replace morphine. Not as good as morphine for pain but no side affects . 1/2 lb a month

Variety pack

It's all good quality products & delivery as well.

400g Strain Variety (4x100g)

White Indo Elephant Kratom Powder

Work great for me...

Kratom has been a life changer for me...I have had several surgeries on my Back...I have suffered with Back pain for years...I have used Kratom to get off of pain meds...If you suffer with pain give Kratom a may be surprised....

Sunrise Kratom Blend - Enhanced Kratom Capsules (3X)

Great for pain with anxiety and sleeplessness

A great natural help for those with pain that tends to cause anxiety and sleeplessness. Mildly affecting pain but emphasis on anxiety and sleeplessness. Very thankful for this product and mt kratom for such consistency over the past several years.

Very good! It helps with my chronic pain!


Your product is everything you claim it to be. It gave me the boost I needed throughout the day with out making me feel dopey.


For those who can't calm down for any reason, this will fix that. Onset feels really nice, you're less bothered and slowly melt into a state of calmness. You will probably fall asleep within a few hours because of how relaxed it makes you, but during the time it reaches that you will feel at ease and content.

Pretty good for bursts

This is perfect for those with focus issues who are going into a situation where they can't mindlessly drone through it. If you're needing focus and energy and consistent motivation that you don't normally have, this will give it to you. Lasts about 3 hours per dose.

It works

The red vein bali helps my pain management regime tremendously.

Great 👍🏻

Every Kratom I’ve ordered here has been really good! I noticed there was a new red strain I wanted to try. However, it’s not available in the variety pack I ordered I hope they add it. That way I have another one I can try I use red and whites combo. I like to switch reds and would love to try the new red dragon in it too. Anyway, I have enjoyed and it helped my pain a lot! I will continue to order from Mount Kratom.

Kratom review

Maybe not as energetic as some that I’ve had but is consistent!


Kratom tincture to relax and chill, my above review did not have the right stars, it’s 5!

So easy to take a dropper or two of this, then to quickly mix a powder, when I wake up with a lot of back pain. This has helped me get of pain medicine, I just have to keep enough in the house


Consistent quality product wish shipping wasn’t so much

Always excellent!

I am always a satisfied customer! Been with you guys a long time don’t plan on changing ever.

Premium Wild White MD
Anthony Ellis
Premium Wild White MD

Strong product. Excellent pick me up. i buy regularly.

WAAVE Compliance