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Based on 235 reviews
Bali Gold Kratom
Teri Abrams

Excellent value added sale. Quality product

White Thai Powder
Brinda Davis
Great 👍🏻

I love it!!!!

Enhanced Green Vein Kratom - Enhanced Capsules

not sure if it is really a white strain

made me more sleepy then awake

Pain Relief!

Finding this Kratom to be a wonderful back pain reliever.

Green Maeng Da

Excellent strain for pain management. It’s subtle sedation effect is a relaxing benefit too. Been using this strain exclusively for years now. I raced for 3 decades and ravaged my body. Not much else gave me relief and ability to function normally.

Works great

I love this product. It truly does lift your mood and give you energy. A+

Great product!

I think they have a winner here! It does the job!

Potent, and delivers on its promises

I am fairly new to Kratom. I have only tried Red Vein Bali before this, so I don't have a range of kratom experiences to refer to. I really enjoy the Red Vein Bali for relaxation and calm relief, but the Relax Red is much more potent for both of these things. In my experience, this has about twice the potency of Red Vein Bali. I'm really glad I bought multiple packs of this limited supply.

Are usual good product

I do like this relaxing red I like red because it helps me with pain and I like adding a little bit of white to keep me from getting too sleepy during the day. The combination works really good. The products are organic and always is good.


All colors and strains were great


I’ve been shopping from the same company for years now, but happened to be looking around and ran into Mount Kratom, and I’m so glad I did. No more waiting all week, and my first order contained samples. My 2nd order is actually coming today. And no more sky high shipping!! Love this company!!

400g Premium/Super Strain Variety (4x100g)


Relax red is the real deal.

Great product

I was very impressed with both the shipping time, and quality of the powders. I will definitely be ordering from you guys again. Thank you!

Love It!

Tried Relax Red tonight. I'm normally a green fan but this was perfect. It's very relaxing without the grogginess which is perfect. It also helped a lot with my back pain which is a plus. Will definitely be buying this in the future if it's still available!


Love this strain of kratom. It mellows me out and relaxes me without feeling sleepy. Gets me through my work day beautifully! Love red strain, especially red dragon.


White kratom seems to hit me different. It mellows me out but definitely works. Does the job.

Good people quality products!

Enjoy doing business with the folks @ Mt. Kratom

Good products & service

I enjoy the quality of the products & the fast delivery service! Good stuff!

Tincture Sample
Kyle Denton
Hard to tell

taste was a lil different than any other extract it wasn’t bad just different, but i have a high tolerence and normally take 300mg of mit the purple bottle which is same strength! It says 6 servings per bottle but it is 2 servings for me! It was not enough for me to give the perfect rating but i do think in a higher dose it could be 🔥I mixed with some powder and I was feeling good!!!👍

Red Bali Capsules
Ellen Carr
Red Bali Capsules

I've been pleased with the Red Bali capsules. I've taken for migraines and it's helped.

Doesn’t live up to same day shipping claim

First time order, website claims same day shipping before 3 pm. Placed order at 12:28 pm on a Friday. Printing a shipping label was all they could manage. Printing a shipping label and actually putting the package in the hands of the USPS are 2 different things. Pretty sure the post office is open on Saturday, too. Didn’t ship then, either. I’ve simultaneously placed my first and last order with mount kratom.


its the best duh but could i get a discount code since such a good customer plz? :3

My Favorite

This strain seems to be the best for me. I've tried them all, too. It uplifts my mood, gives me the warm & fuzzies and gives me energy without the jitters. Recommend highly!

WAAVE Compliance