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Kratom: The Much-Needed Alternative to Opioid Addiction

Opioid Addiction

Opioid addiction has been skyrocketing over the past number of years. This of course has led to many deaths by overdose. While addiction to opioids can often lead to withdrawal and overdose, there is still a valid problem which is pain alleviation. This can be solved by alternatives to opioids, like the recently popularized herb Kratom.

The people who are unaware of Kratom yet or have been using opioids for a while, can seek the use of opioids and possibly be lead to addiction. Unfortunately though, what is certainly a problem cannot just be legislated away. This has been shown by the recent reduction in opioid prescriptions by governments and insurance companies.

Opioid reduction and it’s effects

Lately governments and insurance companies together have decided reduce opioid prescriptions. This was done in the name of reducing addiction and overdoses. While the intention may have been good, a letter written and signed by a large number of physicians, pharmacists and former government health officials, has said that this has been counter productive and even cruel, for those in real, agonizing pain and suffering from chronic conditions.

There are a large and varied amount of people who use opioids and only part of them are abusers who have become addicted. Many are people with chronic illnesses who cannot lead productive and happy lives without some sort of pain relief. While it is simple for governments and insurance companies to claim that all opioid users are addicts and abusers, this is simply not true. They are ignoring all those people who suffer day in and day out because their body has turned against them and there is nothing they can do to alleviate the pain.

People who are addicted to opioids or who have been using them just to live, have had to adjust to this new reality of lower doses. Some have even been forced to turn to street heroin. That is what makes safer alternatives more important than ever.

Kratom: The safer alternative

Kratom is vastly safer than opioids. There is no significant risk of addiction, withdrawal or overdoses and Kratom offers all the pain relief benefits that opioids do. While politicians and insurance companies may have an interest in promoting certain things and discouraging others, it’s not fair that people who are forced to live with pain from chronic conditions, should not even have the chance to try what is a far safer alternative.

It isn’t and shouldn’t be about the politics. It’s about real people and a way to make them live pain free—while not putting them in danger.

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