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Creating Confidence in Kratom: New Quality Control Standards in the Kratom Industry

The American Kratom Association (AKA) has introduced a new standard for quality in this burgeoning industry. This new program called the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards program, is a sign of a maturing industry eager to demonstrate to its customer base that there is a way to guarantee a quality product.

A completely unregulated industry is understandably worrisome to many consumers, as there is no guarantee of consumer protection. Sellers attempting to make a quick profit without concern for cultivating a long term relationship with their customers, may add potentially dangerous elements into their product such as fentanyl and morphine.

Additionally, customers would have no way of ensuring quality control, cleanliness of facilities and other important consumer knowledge. In a completely unregulated industry, it is often the customers who lose out, in their complete dependence on the goodwill of sellers.


The GMP program ensures that certain basic quality standards are complied with and audited by an independent third party annually. By purchasing from a qualified seller, customers can have an increased sense of confidence and assurance that the product they are buying is safe and of good quality.




Kratom standards include:

– Rigorous sanitary standards implemented regarding employees and machinery, as well as ensuring strict quality conformance for raw materials.

– Meticulous record keeping, ensuring each batch and product is accounted for and strict traceability is followed all along the supply chain .

– Following specified labelling and advertising standards, ensuring that no false information is being displayed and that strict ethical standards show what Kratom can and cannot do and who should avoid using it.

These and other standards may provide assurance to customers so that they can rest assured that the product was manufactured in proper sanitary conditions and that there is strict traceability throughout the supply chain in order to hold the seller accountable for any less than satisfactory product.

Customer safety and a quality experience should be the most important part of the Kratom seller’s job. To accomplish that, having an independent regulatory body may very well be the best thing that ever happened to the Kratom industry and Kratom consumers in particular.

To find out more information about the statement of standards and how to go about becoming a qualified seller, visit this site.

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