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Myths and Facts About kratom Strains & Colors

Countries, Colors and Marketing

Bali or Maeng Da? Green or red vein kratom? If one wants to purchase kratom online, they will be inundated with a flood of kratom products with names that seem both mysterious and confusing. What are the differences and how to know which ones to buy?

red white green vein kratom colors


To put it simply, the differences in kratom strains are largely marketing. Each farm in attempting to differentiate itself, adopts a name by combining place and color. Some of the most popular strains include: White Borneo, Green Malaysia and Red Bali. The truth is though, that none of that matters. What really is important when it comes to knowing what kratom is, comes down to three colors. Red, White and Green.

The Three Kratom Colors and their Differences

The truth is that everybody responds differently to everything, so it is impossible to guarantee a reaction to a specific strain. However, there is mostly consensus on what to expect from a color.


Red: Red is said to be king when it comes to Relaxation.

Red kratom tends to be the most talked about vein color on the market, especially if someone is new to kratom since it tends to give people a pleasant, relaxing, calming effect. Many refer to strains in  this category as “slow” or “evening strains” because the relaxed feeling is typically sought after in the evening, at the end of a long day.

White: White is reputed to be the number one for stimulation.

While there is some variation in opinion, white kratom strains have become known as a “morning” or “afternoon” strain that can help turn a frown into a smile. Often less bitter than reds, white kratom is considered to be more like kratoms’ distant cousin coffee and is sometimes used together to help with an early morning boost.

Green: As every Kratom consumer knows, Green is in between.

Green vein kratom lies somewhere in the middle of the road. Some say it’s great for energy, others say it can help them relax, there are some people who just avoid green strains altogether because they don’t like that it is neither here nor there and there are others who like greens because they feel like they are getting the best of both worlds. Many people like to mix their green kratom strains with either red or white strains to help get a more balanced result. If you’re on the lookout for something to help you come out of your shell and be more talkative, friendly, and engaging with others, green vein may be worth a try.

Why are there different Kratom Strains?

Are they actually different?

All kratom leaves are green in color and most of the leaves have red veins. So why do we refer to strains by color? Why wouldn’t they all be called red vein? To be clear, there are green and white vein kratom leaves, however, the categories are not based entirely off their color as one might think, at least not anymore. The three colors represent the three categories as discussed above. The reason why one color is different from another is because their alkaloid profiles are different. These differences in concentrations are what really differentiate the outcome of the strain and the color is assigned based on that. Now, the differences in red, white and green profiles are typically greater than the differences in strain nickname (e.g. Borneo, Bali, Hulu Kapuas etc.).

Why are some strains darker than other strains?

When the kratom tree reaches maturity, the leaves are harvested and sent to the drying facility. It is during the drying process where the leaves change colors and can become darker. This color change hardly has to do with the color of the vein itself because the vein is suppose to be removed from the batch. In fact, the drying of the leaves does not play a significant part in the variation of alkaloid concentrations.

Kratom Preparation Techniques

Indoors vs outdoors:

Some dry the leaves outdoors while others dry them indoors. The heat of the sun among other factors are said to contribute to the red color of the red strain.

Kratom Blends:

Some Kratom producers may blend different colors to produce a third color shade which is then marketed as a distinct strain. This distinct strain will also have a unique alkaloid profile. Gold kratom is the perfect example of this.

fermented kratom

Fermented Kratom:

Other kratom producers ferment the leaves which results in the dark gold or yellow color that some strains have, namely Bentuangie kratom. The process of making fermented kratom begins after the fresh leaves are harvested. Rather than hanging up the leaves to dry the leaves are placed into a bag to block out the moisture. This method modifies the composition of the alkaloids in the leaves and often creates a more subtle strain.

The Real Hero Behind Kratom: Alkaloids

The real secret ingredient in kratom is the alkaloids. The two most prominent alkaloids that have been given most of the credit to date are mitragynine and 7-hydroxy-mitragynine (which later converts into mitragynine). These alkaloids are present in each kratom strain in various ratios and can cause one strain to produce a relaxing feeling while causing another to be more enegizing.

That said, everyone responds differently, so it is impossible to guarantee an outcome to a specific strain or make any specific claims regarding it. Kratom has been around for a long time but since it is a complex leaf, research is still a work in process because there is still a lot we don’t know about the herb.

Which Kratom Strain Should You Buy?

When choosing a particular strain of kratom, it will depend on what you’re looking for and your personal preferences. While we can’t provide a clear answer to the question, we hope we were able to shed light on the general narrative of kratom colors, and what one can expect when choosing a particular color. If you would like to try all three, please hop over to our variety pack section where you can compare the differences for yourself. This article was written for educational purposes only and if you are considering to try kratom, it is strongly recommended to consult your doctor first.

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