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Kratom San Jose

Where to Buy Kratom in San Jose

Are you looking to buy kratom in San Jose? Need good quality and fast shipping? People living in the San Jose area who enjoy kratom, or who are looking to try it are currently able to do that easily. Are you in the San Jose area and not sure where to find kratom, what the laws are surrounding the use of kratom, or even what kratom is? Mount Kratom has your answers.

Mount Kratom is an East Coast brand and has a wide variety of 100% organic strains available to order. With same day shipping 5 days of the week, you are guaranteed to get your order FAST. Now, first things first. Let’s look at what kratom is, the laws surrounding it in the San Jose area, and how you can find kratom in the time of Covid-19.

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Our mission is to supply americans with affordable kratom & Fast service while maintaining a high quality standard.

What is Kratom?

Although we are just discovering Kratom in the West, people have been using it for centuries in Southeast Asia. It grows in forests in Borneo and Hulu Kapuas in Indonesia. For many years before it became popular here, Kratom was a central part of the culture and lives of people living in these jungle paradises.

This is an evergreen relation of the coffee plant. It’s found in soil created from volcanoes and other geological events. Kratom grows in earth enriched in acidic minerals. This type of soil helps to foster the two active ingredients in it—7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine.
This substance is also known by its other name Mitragyna speciosa.

Is Kratom Available During the Time of Covid-19?

Since so many businesses are closed, at least for now, due to the virus, it can be difficult to find a smoke shop that is open and able to assist you with buying kratom. Only essential businesses are open, and that, unfortunately, does not include smoke shops.

However, this does not mean that kratom is not available to you during this time.

Mount Kratom delivers your order right to your door. With a wide selection of strains, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. Our knowledgeable customer services reps are only a phone call away if you have questions or need to report any issues. We also offer a money-back guarantee on any of our products if you are not 100% satisfied.


With same day shipping, you won’t have to wait for your order anymore. You order, and we deliver. Being stuck at home all the time can be a real drag. Especially if you are suffering from pain or anxiety. If you use kratom, whether for medicinal purposes or recreational use, it is readily available to you. Contact Mount Kratom today and get your order shipped and delivered right to your door.

Where to buy kratom near you? Smoke Shops Sell Kratom in SJ

As many of us know, California is rather liberal with its use of herbal medicines and substances. That being said, there are quite a few smoke shops in San Jose. However, if you are looking for smoke shops that specifically sell kratom, there are a few worth mentioning:
● 420 Smoke Shop has all your smoking needs, including kratom.
● Monsters of Rock 2 Smoke Shop & Vape will be able to help you find what you are looking for.
● Smoke Zone is another smoke shop that has your kratom needs.

There are numerous other smoke shops in the San Jose area, and many of them offer the sale of kratom. It is a matter of finding one near you that you like and that has good products. By doing your research, you should be able to find what you are looking for by simply searching “SJ kratom”. However, in this time of pandemia when everyone is stuck in the house, many smoke shops are not open and available. Let’s take a look at where you can find kratom during this time.

MountKratom even offers a Money Back Guarantee, so you can try our kratom risk-free.

Kratom Legality In SJ

What are the Laws in San Jose Regarding Kratom?

Except for the city of San Diego, kratom is 100% legal in the state of California. In 2016, the San Diego city council decided to ban kratom within city limits. This does not cover all of San Diego County, however. It only reaches within the city limits.

That being said, the rest of California, for right now, accepts kratom as legal, so if you are in the San Jose area, you are able to use kratom without worrying about breaking any laws. It has been thought that the DEA wants to ban the use of kratom, but they have yet to be able to do so.

They originally cited it as an “imminent hazard to public safety”. But the public has a lot to say about this. The idea to ban the substance was delayed, giving the public time to comment, and the DEA has since changed their opinions, at least of how dangerous kratom is to the public safety. So for now, kratom is completely legal in most areas, including San Jose.

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