Can You Smoke Kratom? Interactions with Other Smoking Products

What happens when someone consumes kratom together with cigarettes? What about weed? Are these combinations safe? Do they enhance the experience, detract from it, or is the effect neutral? We have researched the experiences of people who have written about their experiences, and compiled a short summary of what seems to be the consensus opinion, as well as other less common experiences:

Kratom And Cigarettes

  • A common effect of kratom and cigarette interaction seems to be nausea. A few people reported not to have felt nausea and said the experience was even enhanced, with cigarettes causing a craving for kratom. Most though seemed to feel sick, anxious, dizzy or a general blah feeling. Because of the negative effects it seems that it would be a bad idea to smoke when using kratom. Vaping has been reported to have less negative interaction effects. Many people said vaping goes well with kratom, may even enhance the experience. Others said it caused the kratom experience to be shortened. The reasons for these interaction effects are unclear but likely have to do with the dopamine receptors in the brain.

Kratom And Weed

  • The consensus on Reddit is that consuming kratom and weed together is perfectly safe. People reported that it might make you sleepy. It seems also that weed will likely overpower the effect of kratom so people have reported that it is better to consume it an hour after.

Vaping or Smoking Kratom

  • It seems that most people who have tried to smoke kratom say that it lessens the effect significantly. It appears that this may be connected to the alkaloids in kratom breaking down at a low heat level, which causes most of the effects to be lost. There have also been a few companies who have tried launching kratom vape products. The goal was to make kratom consumption more convenient but unfortunately whis was short-lived. After various bad reviews and complaints about the products, they were discontinued.

In conclusion, there seems to be a general consensus on the majority of experiences. Smoking usually does not go well with kratom, although of course that is only anecdotal and some may believe the opposite to be true. Similarly, weed could be a sedative for one who wants to take a nap after consuming kratom. While these seem to be the experience of many, it is always worth bearing in mind that everybody’s body differs and one’s experience may not follow the one reported by most people. So as usual, consume responsibly. 

This article was written strictly for informative purposes only. Please consult a doctor before use.

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