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Thai Kratom – Strains Information, Effects, Benefits, and Dosage

Reaching for different herbs and other gifts from nature to cure various ailments, soothe the nerves, and even experience some spiritual awakenings is far from being a new invention. On the contrary, the human species always utilized what was available and effective for its advantage.

Now is no different, except we know so much more and are able to fully benefit from natural ingredients to better the quality of our lives. That is how kratom became so popular.

There are many enthusiasts of kratom supplements, but what characterizes different kratom strains, and what type of benefits can one expect when taking them? We will answer these questions in this article!

The Different Types of Thai Kratom

In this text, we will focus on Thai kratom specifically, but it’s worth mentioning that kratom strains are also native to Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia.

The main three Thailand kratom strain types are green, red, and white kratom. What do we know about each variant?

Green Thai Kratom

Green vein kratom strains are known for their energy-enhancing effects, but they are also used to mitigate some unpleasant symptoms, like pain or anxiety. Green kratom is one of the milder kratom strains, being the preferred choice for those who don’t have a lot of experience with taking kratom strain products and want to try something beginner-friendly.

Growing on the fertile soil of Southeast Asia, green kratom offers quick and long-lasting effects, becoming one of the more popular Thai kratom strains available on the market. What can you expect after taking green kratom?

Green Thai Kratom Effects

Just as we’ve mentioned before, green kratom strains are a great choice if you’re looking for something less intense that will boost your energy and keep you more focused throughout the day.

The most common potential effects these Thai kratom offers are:

Of course, which exact effects you’ll be able to experience and to what extent is heavily reliant on how your organism will react to the kratom supplement and how big of a dose you’ve administered.

Every person can react a little differently to kratom strains, so it is worth keeping in mind, especially if you’re new to kratom supplementation.

Green Thai Kratom Dosage

Speaking about dosage, it is very important to start with the correct dose and gradually increase it if that is something you feel would be more beneficial to you. As green kratom strains are often recommended to those who are at the beginning of their journey with kratom products, it’s crucial to follow the producer’s instructions and don’t exceed permitted dosages.

In the beginning, start with small doses of 2 grams per day and observe your body’s reactions carefully. In time you can increase your daily dose to 4-5 grams per day.

Green Thai Kratom Potential Side Effects

It’s imperative to start administering green kratom strains in smaller doses in order to catch any potential side effects. On the list of most common symptoms associated with taking green Thai kratom are:

If you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above, it might be necessary to stop administering green kratom or to reduce the daily dose.

Green Thai Kratom Benefits

What are the biggest benefits of choosing green Thai kratom capsules or powder to include in your diet?

Red Thai Kratom

If you’re looking for kratom that will put you in a state of tranquility even further, you should take an interest in red Thai kratom. This kratom variation is by far the most popular on the market, precisely for its calming and pain-relieving properties.

Red vein kratom can be taken to increase the state of relaxation, it will also help you have a more peaceful night’s rest. Red kratom comes from red-veined leaves of fully mature kratom trees. The other popular red kratom strains are Red Maeng Da Kratom and Red Bali Kratom.

As red kratom leaves contain alkaloids, they can have opioid-like effects, only with fewer complications. This is why some people choose to include red Thai kratom products in their diet instead of opioid-based medications.

Of course, there is still a lot to discover about kratom and its effects, and we know some people develop a dependency on it, so it’s always advisable to consult a medical professional before taking kratom products to relieve pain or manage opiate withdrawal.

Red Thai Kratom Effects

Some of the most positive and most frequently experienced effects of red Thai kratom are:

Since red kratom offers similar effects to opioids, red Thai kratom capsules and other kratom products can be used to better manage opiate withdrawal symptoms. For safety reasons, this should be done in consultation with a doctor, as you can develop a dependency on kratom supplements.

Red Thai Kratom Dosage

Just like with green Thai kratom, we do not recommend starting to administer red kratom in higher doses. It’s always beneficial to give your body enough time to get used to a new supplement.

You want to start with a dose of 1 to 5 grams per day, depending on your age, gender, and the type of product you’re administering. If you wish to experience more potent effects, the dosage you’re taking should be on the higher point of this spectrum.

Red Thai Kratom Potential Side Effects

Like other strains, red Thai kratom can cause some adverse side effects. These would be:

Red Thai Kratom Benefits

There are significant benefits to taking high-quality products that are Mount Kratom red kratom supplements.

White Thai Kratom

The last on our list of best strains Thailand has to offer is white vein kratom. White kratom is widely used as a stimulant, boosting your mood, energy levels, and sharpness. Many people in the kratom community advertise white kratom as the best replacement for coffee and other similar energy boosters.

White kratom dietary supplement, unlike the two described before, is not recommended as a remedy for anxiety since it’s much closer to making you more alert, focused, and energetic. The standard dosage of 5 grams of white Thai kratom can keep you feeling fresh and with enough energy to conquer the day – no coffee needed.

White Thai Kratom Effects

The most prominent effect of white kratom is mood and energy enhancement. If you’re after a kratom supplement that will help you wake up each day with more motivation and readiness to face any challenge, white kratom is the right answer for you.

White kratom can be a better choice for those of you who’ve tried green kratom products and want to switch to something more potent and energy-boosting.

White Thai Kratom Dosage

Similarly to green Thai kratom capsules and powder, and red Thai kratom capsules and other products, when it comes to white Thai kratom, it’s best to start with small doses. It might be even more critical in this case since white kratom powder offers higher potency and can be more difficult to absorb in higher doses. Starting with 1 to 2 grams a day is a good strategy. Later you can gradually keep increasing this amount to 5 or 7 grams a day.

As always, we encourage you to closely observe your body’s reactions after taking a kratom supplement the first few times and every time you increase the dose to spot any side effects.

White Thai Kratom Potential Side Effects

Amongst potential side effects of white vein kratom from Thailand, we can list:

It’s worth keeping in mind that oftentimes side effects are warning you about going over the limits your body is able to safely metabolize. In such cases, reducing the daily dose usually proves to be an effective solution.

White Thai Kratom Benefits

Quality white kratom capsules can offer you great benefits, like:

Where to Purchase Quality Kratom Strains Products?

Different types of kratom strains can cause various effects, but only reliable kratom powder sellers can offer you products that actually work and are safe to use. How to recognize such a vendor?

First of all, kratom is no magic herb, so it’s unreasonable to expect it will be able to cure all your pain and every ailment. If a seller advertises its products as medications or products of the same grade, it’s not a trustworthy source. The FDA has not approved kratom as a dietary supplement, which means no one can claim kratom products are 100% effective and safe.

Excellent quality of products will be reflected in clients’ testimonials. If you want to find out if a vendor you’ve chosen actually offers great products, check customer reviews.

You can also read up on the company’s history and values. We at Mount Kratom value quality above all, and that is why we cooperate with experienced local kratom growers and implement strict production standards to ensure our kratom products are the best they can be.

Find High-Quality Thai Strains Kratom Products at Mount Kratom

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Which Strain Should I Try First?

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It all depends on what you're looking to achieve! As a general rule, people typically have the following responses from each color: White: Boost in productivity and an increased energy level, Red: Feel good, restful sleep and a reduction in general discomfort (but only for a little while!), Green: A balance of the two

What's the difference between premium-grade kratom and regular kratom? Why Is It More Expensive? Is It Better? Is There Extract In It?

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Our premium and super strains are derived from wild kratom leaves; leaves harvested from naturally grown kratom trees found in the wild, and have typically reached higher levels of maturity than farmed grade leaves. Many customers have seen far better results with these strains and often use a smaller serving size compared to other farmed strains. These strains are produced from pure kratom leaves and do not contain any extract in them.

Is My Personal Information Safe?

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Keeping your information secure and out of the wrong hands is a top priority of ours. We store your private information securely and safely at all times. We always maintain an active SSL security certificate on our website to secure your information is secured throughout the checkout process.

Which Kratom Strains Are Best?

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Remember there are only three veins of kratom, gold and yellow represent blends of the different veins. The different strain names originate from the different regions where the kratom was grown and the different drying techniques. That being said, there's no best kratom strain that everyone can agree on because it entirely depends on what you're looking for and personal preference varies from person to person.

A Batch Is Not As Good As I Expected, What Should I Do?

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Mount Kratom always does its best to source the best Kratom available. Unfortunately, because Kratom is a natural product, even with all of quality control in the world nobody can guarantee absolute flawless consistency between batches a 100% of the time. That's why customer service is our #1 priority. That being said, here are three things you can do in a consecutive order: 1. Always shake and mix your bags before use. Alkaloids tend to naturally settle in the bottom, so this simple trick ensures consistency between servings. 2. Try experimenting with serving sizes. Remember, sometimes "less is more", and you may actually be getting more for less. 3. Finally, if in the end you decide that this batch is not for you, you can always reach out to us for a replacement. Trying out a different variety may help most people discover their perfect leaf. Alternatively, you can utilize our 30 day satisfaction guarantee to get a full/partial refund. Just give us a call at 1-(866)-572-8664 and we'll be happy to oblige! Whatever you think of your order, we always welcome your feedback. It helps us out greatly. Please, let us hear your voice. It is our greatest asset.

Is it safe to mix kratom with medications?

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Please consult with a certified healthcare professional before trying any Mount Kratom products if you are currently taking a medication or have a known medical condition.

How many mg's of kratom is in a capsule?

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Each capsule hold approximately 1000mg of kratom powder.

Do you have samples?

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Not at this time. Please reach out to our team so that we can contact when they become available.

Can I purchase wholesale from you?

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To establish a new wholesale account please contact us here:

I'm interested in starting a marketing collaberation with you, writing an article about your brand, being sponsored by you, etc. Who should I contact?

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Thank you very much for your interest in our brand! For marketing, sponsorship, and media inquiries, please email us here:

Do you ship internationally?

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For purchases made through we only ship to U.S. states. If you are located in Canada and would like to place an order please contact us here:

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