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Oregon Kratom: Where to Buy?

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Learn why you shouldn't be so quick to buy kratom from a smokeshop or an indonesian supplier. 

Buying Kratom at Smoke Shops

It can seem like an appealing place to buy kratom because it is convenient so you can get your hands on the kratom fast, so why not right? It is important to understand that they typically price their kratom product extremely high when comparing it to the cost of producing kratom and importing it into the country. Another reason to avoid buying it at smoke shops is because there have been so many complaints about the quality from being old to containing additive. Kratom has a relatively long shelf life of about 3 months (if stored properly) but the issue is that kratom that is 6 months old doesn’t change appearance but rather changes is potency significantly. So by buying kratom at smoke shops not only are you paying 3-10 times more per gram but the quality can be way lower per gram too resulting in consumers needing way more.

Ordering Directly from an Indonesian Supplier

Indonesia is full of kratom suppliers and farmers since kratom grows there. Indo vendors seem way cheaper compared to kratom vendors in the USA but there’s a cost. You should think twice before purchasing from them because they are in the wholesale business not retail. While their low prices may seem low, you should be aware of the risks involved because it can end up costing you a lot more or worse, you may not even receive your package. Firstly the shipping costs are extremely expensive for low volume orders which hardly makes it worth it in it of itself. The shipping times are extremely long even assuming that it passes customs without delay. So you may be waiting weeks if not months before you receive it. There is also no recourse because when you don’t pay with credit card there is no way of getting your money back. Another thing to be careful about is to check if the kratom was tested properly and if there are any quality control measures. Due to the language barrier it may be difficult to get the answers to your questions. Finally, you may be dealing with a scammer. Maybe it’s a security guard who took some pictures at a plant to try to prove that he owns a farm but in reality you’re dealing with someone who has no intention of sending you a product or sends you some of the worst kratom you’ll ever try.

Final Takeaways

When buying kratom it’s best to stick to a company that specializes in kratom and is located within U.S borders.

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