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If you’ve been researching a kratom store who understands kratom and your needs, MountKratom is the go-to don't settle for less, get the ABSOLUTE BEST!

Kratom South Carolina:
Why Choose Mount Kratom?

If you’re wondering where the best place is to purchase kratom in South Carolina, ask yourself this: How do you define best? Is it the best possible kratom on the market? The cheapest price? How about the fastest delivery? If you’re like most of us you probably need all of the above to be ticked off in order to consider a brand the best. At Mount Kratom we get this and it all begins with sourcing quality kratom. Our process works so well that we can confidently promise all of the above and offer a money back guarantee if you feel that we didn’t live up to our promise in any way. But like everyone else, you will never have to use it because we believe in getting it right the first time every time! Don’t believe us? See for yourself! In South Carolina kratom isn’t so hard to find but finding a great vendor just like finding a great contractor absolutely is!

We have a fantastic selection of both premium and regular kratom. All of our kratom products are 100% organic, always fresh and top quality. We refuse to stock our shelves with any of that cheap commercial stuff that you’ve probably tried at least once. We ship directly to your door quickly, discreetly and professionally. No nosy neighbors will have a clue what’s in the package until it is unpacked. With our 30 day guarantee there’s no risk in trying us for kratom powder and capsules. So, whether you’re in Charleston SC or any other city in South Carolina Mount Kratom has you covered for all things kratom.

Kratom Powder vs. Capsules: What's the Difference?

Kratom is a bitter-tasting herb that not many people are accustomed to. That’s why we have two varieties for you to pick from: kratom capsules and powders.

The kratom capsules are the most convenient way to take kratom. They are easy to transport, mess-free, and filled to their max capacity. Each large capsule contains 1 gram of kratom and the medium capsules contain 600 miligrams. You can choose any strain listed on our site and if you have a sensitive palate like many of us do, this is your ideal option. Otherwise you can also look into kratom extracts however we suggest using it in it’s natural form. It’s important to educate yourself about the advantages and disadvantages of kratom extracts.

Kratom powder will save you money so if you’re budget is tight but you want to enjoy the best kratom we suggest buying a kilo of kratom powder. You can either make your own capsules by buying a DIY capsule maker or you can mix the powder with smoothies, make hot tea or you can mix your kratom powder into your favorite fruit juice to make it more appetizing. Pro-tip: kratom and orange juice is VERY popular.

Suggested Tips when ordering Kratom Online

As a customer you should be able to contact a company with ease. Whether it’s via email or telephone. If you have a hard time getting in touch with them, than you might now want to buy from them.

If you have to take a course or watch a Youtube video to figure how to pay for your order it’s probably not worth it. Check to see if they offer credit or debit card payments before you waste your time on an order you can’t pay for. Unfortunately this is a thing in the kratom industry.

Don’t buy from the cheapest brand because you’ll get what you pay for. That doesn’t mean you should buy the most expensive kratom either. Find 2 or 3 brands that you like and compare their prices. You may want to compare their kratom too. Sometimes you can get more for less.

You want to find a vendor that operates out of the USA. Being in South Carolina kratom vendors you’re looking at should located in the East Coast for faster shipping. If fast shipping is important to you, you should also look for a company who offers same-day shipping.

Are you finally ready to try kratom South Carolina dwellers like yourself can't get enough of?

If you’ve been researching a kratom store who understands kratom and your needs, MountKratom is the go-to don’t settle for less, get the ABSOLUTE BEST!

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