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First things first… Is Kratom Legal in Utah?

You certainly don’t want to wind up breaking the law by accident so lets clarify the legality of kratom in Utah. As of August of 2020 there are no bills banning the possession or sale of kratom and therefore it fully legal to buy in Utah.

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Not only do we provide a variety of high quality kratom but our kratom is being sold at the lowest prices available. Of course you can find cheaper option but you will see that none of them will top our quality, at least not consistently. Buying kratom locally at smoke shops is extremely expensive per gram or ounce and not only that but the quality is typically a lot lower than buying online because they tend to have “the cheap stuff”. The kratom community commonly refers to it as ‘Bunk” because it doesn’t work for most people. While Kratom can last up to 3 months when stored properly, most people can’t tell the difference between kratom that’s 2 weeks old and kratom that’s 6 months old. We take our commitment to quality extermely seriously and will make sure that our customers are happy with every order.

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At MountKratom we strive to exceed customer expectations in quality and customer service. 

We proudly only carry kratom that meets our requirements of unadulterated and organic, fine grind, fresh, consistent mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine content.

If ever you have any questions or concerns about our services give us a call on our toll free number 1.866.572.8664 (1.866.KRATOM4). Our staff is helpful and here to serve YOU. Here at MountKratom our priority is always the customer. If you’re currently buying off another vendor and are having doubts about trying someone new, give us a call today and ask us for a free sample.

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