Kratom Powder

All of our kratom powders are 100% natural. They are sourced from a variety of farmers and exporters who have a proven track track record for delivering quality kratom consistently. We also have a premium/super line of kratom strains. 

Kratom Capsules

If you’re seeking kratom in the form of capsules, we have a great offering. Our capsules have a full gram of kratom powder and are offered in every strain we have. Our capsules are also very affordable for those are not looking to break their budget.

Buy Kratom in Washington Online

Have you ever ordered something online and it arrived late? Nothing is more frustrating. Having an experience like that (especially if you weren’t warned in advance) can make someone distrust online shopping altogether. If you reside in Washington and would like to purchase kratom, then check out our offers below and if the price makes sense give a try! 

Product Testimonials

Jacob Frazier
Super Wild Green Borneo
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Man this is Really cheap really really great Kratom. I'm really stoked On this company ships immediately...
Paul C
Trio Variety Pack
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My recent purchase of...(White Maeng Da, Yellow Vietnam, Red Vein Bali) was excellent. Good quality and freshness. Alkaloid content was high and long lasting...
Corey Ferguson
Super Green Malaysia
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One of my favorite greens ever. Smooth and somewhat fast but smooth and steady with long legs. It's relaxing as well. Very unique strain. Love love love thisand Mount Kratom and there great prices.

Is Kratom Legal In Washington State?

Absolutely! As of January 2020 kratom is 100% legal Washington with no restrictions. In fact, there was never even a legislation put forth to try to ban it.

Variety Pack Pricing

Everyone needs variety.

Sampler Pack

  • Choose up to 4 strains
    Net Weight: 112g

Trio Variety Pack

$ 37
  • Choose up to 3 strains
    Net Weight: 300g

400g variety Pack

  • Choose up to 4 strains
    Net Weight: 400g

Kilo Variety Pack

$ 82
  • Choose up to 4 strains
    Net Weight: 1kg
WAAVE Compliance