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Choosing A Kratom Brand in New York City

Finding it difficult choosing a kratom brand?  If you search the web or head over to your nearest smokeshop you will see that there is an OVERWHELMING amount of kratom options to choose from. You’ll find brands named botanical this and kratom that, strains called maeng da or bali, some will have king or premium in front and of course there’s a color, should I continue? The point is that it can very confusing to newcomers. But we’re guilty of all of that too but there are good explanations to all of that but this article doesn’t explain that, this one does.

If you’re new to kratom, you’re probably thinking “what the heck does all of this mean?” Not everyone has the patience or the spare time to do extensive research on kratom, many consumers are just looking to try it out first. The two primary ways one would go about procuring some kratom are as follows:

1. Buy Kratom at a NYC Smokeshop 

Heading over to you nearest smokeshop or by searching “kratom near me” Yelp, or Google should be able to provide you with options. The quality of smokeshop kratom doesn’t have the best reputation but that doesn’t make it all bad. Kratom for sale in smokeshops is meant to appeal to the convenience consumer, those who are not willing to wait 1-3 days to get it. If you have no experience buying kratom, how will you decide which one to try? One big factor is the price of kratom. Some want the best product out there so they’ll buy the most expensive kratom while other will want to save a few bucks (plus it’s all the same plant right? yes and no) so they’ll buy the cheapest kratom. As of now, the only rational reason for buying at a smokeshop is for the convenience it offers because the premium price reflects that. Here are a few of the well known brands one can commonly find in a smokeshop: OPMS, Klarity Kratom, Remarkable Herbs or Lucky Botanicals. 

2. Buy Kratom Online & Shipped to NYC

Finding an online brand can be tough, since typing in certain words will bring you different results. For example searching “kratom in NYC” will give you different results than searching “kratom near me”. It’s important to look for signs throughout the shopping experience that help you trust the brand. Brands that specialize in kratom alone must differentiate themselves by sourcing high quality, organic and lab tested kratom consistently, provide good and fast service, fair prices and have a variety of strains to choose from. Here are some other popular kratom brands that you might be interested in trying:  KrakenKratom, Kratomystic, Originalharvestkratom, Red Devil Kratom, and Katsbotanicals. 


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