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How Does Kratom Compare to Coffee?

Kratom vs coffee
Two stimulants, one accepted as a polite morning beverage for centuries, the other less known, but slowly beginning to realize its potential among people around the world. They both can provide stimulation, making a bleary eyed, yawning face suddenly burst with energy and enthusiasm for a new day.
There are differences though. 
For example. While coffee is known for stimulation, Kratom can have a variety of effects from pain relief, to stimulation to relaxation, depending on the strain.
The taste of course is also different. Coffee has a unique, ‘coffee’ taste, while kratom has more of an earthy flavor.
That being said, the two plants are distantly related.
Each of these products when consumed in excess, can result in addiction due to effect desensitization. 
The bottom line is that each of these products provide something. And while they can be similar in certain ways, they are not the same.
To learn more about the scientific differences click here.

Is it Legal to Buy kratom in Philadelphia?

It is absolutely legal to buy and possess kratom in Philadelphia and throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Kratom is also legal in most U.S states and in Canada.

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