Green Maeng Da

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Green Vein 80%
White Vein 20%

What is green maeng da?

Green Maeng Da might be the most popular strains in the world today. While the actual strain will vary from vendor to vendor despite sharing the name, Green Maeng Da is commonly referred to as “the strongest strain”. By consistently ranking the #1 strain online, this green veined variety continues to be one of the safest choices when buying kratom from a new vendor. Whether you are an experienced user or new to kratom, Green Maeng Da is one of the safest choices when deciding which green kratom strain to choose. We also carry a premium wild version of this strand for those looking for a “Wild Harvested” Green Maeng Da.

Originally linking back to Thai roots, Mount Kratom’s Green Maeng Da was produced in a plantation West of Kalimantan, Indonesia. The plant stretches over 50 hectares of fertile soil where the trees are born and are then nurtured and matured until harvest season and are then optimized using natural blending techniques to yield the best alkaloid content. This variety uses 80% green veined leaves and only 20% White. Find out what the buzz is all about and order our green maeng da today.†

Effects and benefits of green maeng da kratom

With Green Maeng Da Kratom being much of the talk online, the chance are that you have heard of this strain are favorable. But, you might just not know anything about it other than the fact that every store sells it and people seem to love it. So what does it do?

 In general, Maeng da kratom is known to be highly potent or strong. The effects are felt quickly, between 45 minutes to an hour and can last for up to 5 hours. Many users report taking this kratom strain for temporary relief and to CTFO (ie. Relax).
On the downside, if one were to abuse Green Maeng Da kratom by using an excessive dose, they can experience negative side effects such as, itching, nausea, upset stomach, no appetite, drowsiness, sweating, and more. So, if you’re just setting foot on your Green Maeng Da Kratom journey, or, if you’re used to another vendors kratom, start with a low to moderate dose.

Green Maeng Da Kratom is one of the most popular strains in the world because of the many benefits and effects it can provide.

  • Smooth and silky texture
  • Potent and noticeably fresh
  • Pesticide and chemical free (No additives)
  • Grown and harvested in a vast plantation in West Kalimantan

Product Details

This Green Maeng Da kratom comes from a special plantation that focuses on producing only Maeng Da variants. It can be purchased in powder form or in capsules. The powder comes in ounces, 100g, 250g, 400g and kg’s. Both the 400g and kg’s variations are split into 4 separate durable, food-safe bags. Capsules come in two sizes; 600mg and 1000mg. Both come with 100 capsules each. The capsules are made from gelatin. Green Maeng Da in all of its variations qualify for same day shipping.

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8 reviews for Green Maeng Da

  1. Meg Gieseler (verified owner)

    This is by far the very best of the gmds I have ever tried! The taste far surpasses any other in that it’s just not as difficult to gag down because it’s ultra refined and not gritty like very many other vendors products. You guys are now my favorite kratom suppliers and I have tried so many other vendors! Love your product, keep up the great work!

  2. perry_bobbi (verified owner)

    The Green Maeng Da is perfect for anyone who is looking for a burst of energy. The taste is not as bad as other companies I’ve tried. Plus Mount Kratom has great customer service. I love this company. Plus they include organic ginger chews which I thought was very nice and they taste wonderful.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Ok, not my favorite but does the trick.

  4. Bryan Capley (verified owner)

    This is my 3rd time ordering from you. Shipping has only ran 2-3 days. Product comes excellently packed. Product is better than the shops sell around here.

  5. kaybear818 (verified owner)

    I have bought kratom for many years. My supplier in Indonesia quit selling and i was left trying to find a new supplier that had QUALITY kratom. After trying many different brands, I found Mount Kratom. It is, by far, the best kratom I have ever bought within the US borders. It is just as good as the shipments I was receiving from Indonesia directly! Mount Kratom has the best Maeng Da I have ever sampled. I will be a returning customer! Thank you, Mount Kratom!

  6. Blythe (verified owner)

    I have been using this product from them for quite some time. The gmd from this site is one of the best I have used. Shipping is always quick and customer service is great. I would recommend it.

  7. Lisa J Everly (verified owner)

    Honestly I wish the price or shipping was a little cheaper, however you get what you pay for! This company is the best! I’ve been dealing with them over 2 years. The service is excellent… They are friendly and very professional..All the kratom is top of the line! I trust them, and enjoy their products…give them a try….you will be super happy you did! ❤

  8. Heather/ Denai (verified owner)

    I’m still new to any of this. So far I’ve only purchased Green capsules. They work for many issues. I find that taking 3 is good for moderate pain and anxiety levels. Then I add a 4th if needed an hour later, but I’m ordering the stronger strains and also red and white to see if this will benefit my issues better whereas the green does not last long and is not strong enough for me. I think this is a life saver and works better than prescription drugs. Customer service is outstanding and knowledgeable!!!! Shipping is very quick.

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Green Maeng Da

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