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White Vein 100%

About White Indo Elephant Kratom Powder

White Indo Elephant, commonly referred to as White Elephant, is grown deep in the rain-forests situated throughout Indonesia including the islands of Borneo, Sumatra and others. This strain received the nickname “Elephant” as this title is indicative of the large size of its leaves, resembling that of elephant ears. White Indo Elephant is one of the most popular strains at Mount Kratom and is offered in both powder and in capsules.    

What's Unique About White Elephant?

White Indo Elephant is produced purely from white vein kratom leaves. White vein leaves are the most scarce of all the kratom veins as it is the most difficult to locate. This strain has quickly become a favorite among kratom consumers due to it’s unique composition and high alkaloid levels. What distinguishes this white strain from other white vein strains is a higher concentration of the 7-Hydroxymitragynine compound. Moreover, as a white vein leaf, this strain contains a higher ratio of the Mitragynine alkaloid compared to red strains, making it a very well rounded choice. 

Buying White Indo Elephant Capsules

Mount Kratom offers White Indo elephant kratom in capsule form too so that you can conveniently take your kratom with you mess-free! Indoelephant capsules come in two sizes; medium and large. Medium capsules include 600 milligram of powder while the large option contains 1 gram of kratom. You can buy it in units of 100 and are both variants are processed & shipped the very same day you place the order.

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11 reviews for White Indo Elephant Kratom Powder

  1. davidpillatzki1976 (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with white elephant. Generously potent.

  2. Pam (verified owner)

    Super good strain, great price. Cant beat it.

  3. Dennis Drevdahl (verified owner)

    White elephant, helps me a lot . GMD green,is next best , & when I am really in a pinch, Red vein Bali does the trick. 3rd time buyer very good people to order from fast delivery very nice to talk with 😄

  4. Tim (verified owner)

    No doubt. The best strain I’ve had. I’ve tried many vendors.

  5. rpoore (verified owner)

    Very good kratom – It works fantastic for me. Fast & reliable delivery, good customer service.

  6. bryceots (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this as always, they even upgraded my 2 ounces to 100grams no charge,very happy customer!

  7. Marvin Barton (verified owner)

    Can’t find any other strain as potent as this one! I’ve been using kratom for three years and bought from alot of vendors. Endo Elephant is by far the best!

  8. dooomm24 (verified owner)

    Love white indo eliphant…. I always am satisfied with mount kratom!!!!

  9. wiseone63251 (verified owner)

    My favorite. Switch it up with The Super green or Meng Da.

  10. silvernblack1985 (verified owner)

    Just tried mount Kratom for the first time. Been using kratom for the better part of 10 years now. They have the best white indo I have ever tried. They also tossed in 5 Oz of assorted strains to try. I will be a returning customer, that’s for sure! Thanks again Mount Kratom!

  11. moonrose51980 (verified owner)

    I really like this one! Whites are my favorite and this company sent me extra samples and also some Ginger candy! I already want more 🙂 I will forever use this company for my kratom !!

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White Indo Elephant Kratom Powder

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