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About Premium Wild Green MD Kratom

Green MD, short for Maeng Da, is often called the original kratom strain. The color of this strain has caused suspicions of having a lesser potency compared to more distinct kratom colors like red, white, or yellow, but this is not true not for this strain at least.

Premium Wild Green MD is an exceptional strain with unique properties and immense benefits.
This strain comes from high-quality plants that grow naturally  in the tropical rainforest of Jong Kong. Wild Green MD is carefully processed to preserve the color, as the color has a high tendency to be affected if passed through non-standard processing.

This kratom strain is a highly potent green veined MD. It contains natural alkaloids like mitragynine, 7-hydroxy mitragynine, Speciogynine and more.

Green MD is a remarkable herb and is well worthy of comparison with different green kratom plant strains like Green Hulu Kapuas and Super Green Malaysia (Ketum), Green Indo, and Green Baleo.

Our highly standard production process ensures uses of no preservation chemicals or other chemicals, and that there are no pesticides in products. Premium Green Maeng Da is everything that the best kratom strains offer with moderation. It’s been utilized all over the globe for years.

Each kilo comes in 4 bags of 250g each.

Green MD Kratom Powder vs Capsules

Mount Kratom offers it’s customers the choice between buying their Wild Green MD in powder or capsule form. For those looking for the best bang for buck should order powder because you will get more kratom for the same price, but for those looking for a convenient and clean way to handle their kratom you can order Green MD Kratom capsules!

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3 reviews for Premium Wild Green MD

  1. matt7258 (verified owner)

    This is a good product excellent grind mixes well in water good potency definitely worth the money the owner roy is a good dude and has a great product

  2. Gregory (verified owner)

    Best m.d. ive ever had…..perfect for long days…

  3. bcrotti93

    Perfect Funhouse loved it

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Premium Wild Green MD

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