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We get it: the struggle of rising bright and early is real. Even the most relaxed, calm, and motivated person can seldom get annoyed at minutiae of the AM routine.  Show us a person whose each and every morning cannot ever use a little enhancement, and we’ll show you a shameless liar. Let’s all just be honest and admit the simple truth: it absolutely sucks to be bleary eyed and fatigued when the day is just about to start, and all you truly want deep inside is to hit the ground running. A good ole’ cup o’ joe used to do the trick; however, it is no secret that these days are long in the past…

Mount Kratom is proud to introduce the Enhanced Sunrise Blend! Made for those who dare to be motivated, but just need a little boost to “bring the Heaven down to Earth”. Simply put, your mornings will never be the same. That is exactly what we are looking to bring to your breakfast table.

What is Sunrise Kratom Blend?

The delicate, rich & energizing Super Green Borneo extract lovingly combines with the luscious White Maeng Da leaf base to produce offspring which will jump-start your morning routine and keep you going through the long day. Whether you need some assistance because you are embarking on a serious project, or planned a busy fun day with friends, this enhanced blend from MK is always there to make you A-OK.

Rise and Shine - Enhanced Kratom is here

“Go getters” are not born. Similarly to this magnificent product, they are raised, grown, nurtured, and matured. It is all then followed by intense intentional work, research and development to get the best out of the gifts nature has provided. Why not combine our efforts to make this magical process as smooth as possible? You know you want to. Do not fight your burning desire. Trust us, giving in to this exciting temptation has never been more sustainably rewarding!

Just make sure to grab these enhanced capsules before other early risers do. Hopefully, you will not be left behind if you place the order right now! 

So? What are you waiting for? Go get ‘em, tiger! 

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