Unveiling the Strongest Kratom Strains – Insider Knowledge You Can’t Miss

Understanding which is the strongest Kratom can be tricky since different color strains produce different effects, however since the regions from which they’re sourced affect the potency, it may be confusing.

For example the popular Green Maeng Da is from the most potent of the Green Strain family, the Red Maeng Da however, is the weakest one from Red Strain family.

So, when starting your search, start with your end goal in mind. Ignore the hype and focus on which strain will give YOU the best result for your personal needs.

How is the Strength of Kratom Scientifically Determined ?

Green Vein Kratom

Scientifically speaking the strength of a Kratom strain is determined by the amount of Mitragynine and the alkaloid content present in the leaves. Mitragynine is the primary active alkaloid in kratom and is responsible for most of the effects that kratom users experience. Interestingly, at low doses, Mitragynine produces stimulating effects, including increased energy and alertness. While at higher doses, it produces sedative effects. Who would have thought!

In fact, aside from Mitragynine there are over 40 different alkaloids that have been identified in Kratom, but the two primary alkaloids are Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Other notable alkaloids found in Kratom include Paynantheine, Speciogynine, and Speciociliatine.

It’s important to note that when you see on our product pages that a strain has a high alkaloid content, this actually refers to the TOTAL concentration of all alkaloids present in the leaves, high alkaloid content means the leaves are more potent and will have stronger effects.

So, rather than asking the age-old question of “what is the strongest kratom,” let’s dig a little deeper. What YOU really want to know is: which Kratom strains have the highest levels of Mitragynine and alkaloids? And what effects will they have on your physical and mental wellbeing.


Another factor influencing kratom’s potency is whether the leaves are wild or harvested. Wild kratom leaves tend to be more potent than those harvested, as they haven’t been exposed to the same environmental stressors.

Kratom that has been harvested from mature trees is also going to be more potent than kratom that has been harvested from younger trees. This is because older trees have had more time to accumulate alkaloids in their leaves.

Get Ready to Enter the Jungle of THE STRONGEST KRATOM STRAINS!

We know first hand that each individual has their own story and reason for taking Kratom in the first place. Therefore, we offer a wide variety of strong kratom strains, and are always expanding our selection, to help you find exactly what you need!

Here are some of the strongest and most effective kratom strains that we offer:

Maeng da is one of the most potent green vein strains, and ours comes from the highest quality plants from the tropical rainforest of JongKong. With the Thai phrase ‘Maeng Da’ – meaning ‘pimp grade’ – you can guess its strength! Maeng da is one of the most popular kratom strains, known for its high potency and intense effects that you can feel between 45 mins to an hour after taking it. Some users say effects last up to five hours! Due to these characteristics, many kratom users take Green Vein Maeng Da Kratom when struggling with pain. 

Soothe Your Stress – with PREMIUM WILD RED KRATOM

Harvested from mature wild kratom trees, this powerful kratom strain is perfect for those looking for a potent relaxing effect. We suggest starting with a low dosage with this particular strain. Our Premium Red Maeng Da Kratom powder  is made of a premium strain. Meaning it contains a higher mitragynine content of around 2% MIT. Due to its increased level of mitragynine, its effects can kick in as fast as 5 minutes after taking and last for several hours, making it a perfect kratom strain for experienced kratom users. As for its supposed benefits, the Red Maeng Da strain is generally recognized for its relaxing properties, working great when dealing with stress.

Keep Calm and Carry On – with RED BALI KRATOM

Another potent red strain, this kratom, was originally cultivated on the island of Bali but is now harvested in West Kalimantan, Borneo.  What differentiates Red Bali Kratom from other kratom strains is its molecular makeup. Red Vein Bali has a high concentration of 7-Hydroxymitragynine and a lower percentage of Mitragynine compared to different kratom strains. It also contains many other alkaloids, such as 9-hydroxycorynantheidine, Mitraphylline, and Speciogynine, which add to the calming experience. Due to its relaxing properties, Red Vein Bali strain we recommended taking in the evenings. It’s highly potent, and some users find it makes them sleepy after taking it.

Mental Clarity and Wellbeing – Meet WHITE ELEPHANT INDO KRATOM

This incredible Kratom strain is a lesser known botanical and needs addressing like an “elephant in the room”. Named “elephant”, after its large white leaves, this white strain is unique among other white vein strains because it has a higher concentration of the 7-Hydroxymitragynine, making it more potent. Additionally, a variety of monoterpene indole alkaloids in White Indo Elephant Kratom,  coupled with the an array of phytonutrients, provide potent mood-boosting effects unique to this strain.

One of the most remarkable effect of this White Vein Kratom strain is an enhanced sense of well-being and an awakening clarity that kicks COFFEE off the charts! This potent strain can be used for a mega boost, morning, noon, and night!

Anxious for Anxiety Management? – Try  RED DRAGON KRATOM

This unique blend of red vein Kratom from Thailand is known to be more stimulating than other red kratom strains that generally have a more sedative effect. Red Dragon may just be the perfect choice for those who want to stay productive while managing their anxiety and enhancing their overall mood.
Our Red Dragon Kratom Powder is a premium-grade blend with a higher Mitragynine content of around 2% MIT. The enhanced alkaloid content makes it more potent and effective in producing calming effects compared to many other Kratom strains.


Another ‘pimp grade’ high-quality Maeng Da from wild white vein kratom. If you’ve tried other kratom strains that didn’t provide quite the boost you expected, give this one a test drive and let us know your experience. We’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The rich monoterpene indole alkaloid content of White Maeng Da Kratom powder as well as its phytonutrients like flavonoids, polyphenols, saponins, offer a variety of desirable effects for the human body. White Maeng Da capsules produce clean energy with a comforting sensation that gets people moving. Try this white Vein Kratom that might very well put a zing in your step and a smile on your face.

Peace of Mind – with Chocolate BENTUANGIE KRATOM

Last but not least, on our list of the strongest kratom strains and newest to hit the market, Bentuangie kratom  is quickly becoming a favorite among kratom users. It’s dark chocolate in color and is known for its strong sedative effects.
As for the exact Bentuangie Kratom effects, it’s praised chiefly for its relaxing sensations. It’s a very potent strain, even for red vein kratom, and comes with a high concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine. The highly effective calming properties are due to fermentation, which changes the kratom’s alkaloid profile. Fermentation is also what gives its leaves that lovely dark chocolate color. Instead of a cup of cocoa why not try a cup of chocolate Bentuangie for some peace of mind.


When it comes to finding the strongest Kratom, you have two options: powder or extract.


Kratom powder is made from dried and ground kratom leaves. It’s the most common form of kratom on the market. It can be easily incorporated into your favorite beverage or food or even just swallowed orally and washed down with water. Kratom powder is typically less potent than kratom extract, but some users find it provides a more balanced effect.


Kratom extract is made by boiling down kratom leaves to create a concentrated form of the herb. It’s typically more potent than kratom powder and can be found in liquid or capsule form. Kratom extracts are also more expensive than powders, so they might not be the best choice if you’re on a budget.
So, which one is stronger?
The answer to this question really depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a powerful dose of kratom that will give you an energy boost or help with pain relief, then kratom extract is the best choice for you. However, if you’re new to kratom or prefer a more subtle effect, then kratom powder could be a better option.
If you are new to Kratom, it’s always best to start with a low dose – you can always take more if you need to, but you can’t take less once you’ve taken too much!


It is also essential to consider where you are purchasing your Kratom if you want to ensure you are receiving a potent kratom product. At Mount Kratom, we source our kratom from experienced farmers who know how to cultivate and process the herb to preserve its potency.We also test our kratom products in an independent laboratory to ensure that they meet our high standards for quality and safety. 


The best kratom strains aren’t necessarily the strongest. Sometimes, a balance of different compounds is what’s needed for the desired effect. If you are looking for a strong kratom strain, it is best to ask yourself what effects you are looking for and then select a strain accordingly.

If you are new to kratom and unsure of what to try, we recommend starting with one of our variety packs so that you can sample a few different strains and find the one that works best for you.