Why & How To Toss and Wash Kratom

Ready to refine your Kratom consumption technique? Here’s your guide on how to toss and wash Kratom the right way. 

How to Toss and Wash Kratom

You’ve heard the endless “oohs” and “aahs” of Kratom, and you’re ready want to dive into this pool. Today we’re discussing what is considered hands-down one of the simplest or rather fastest ways to consume Kratom powder: the toss-and-wash method.
Questions like what & how to toss and wash, the benefits of toss and wash, how not to puke and compared to other methods of ingesting kratom will be answered here.

What Is the Toss and Wash Kratom Method?

bowl with kratom powder and bamboo spoon on a rustic background
Have you ever pictures yourself as juggler at a circus? That’s what the toss and wash method will make you look like, only with a twist. It’s a straightforward, no-frills way to ingest Kratom. Gently lift your head back, pour the Kratom powder into your mouth (on your tongue) and then quickly wash it down with water or (non-alcoholic) liquid of choice.
The Toss and Wash Method allows the Kratom powder to mingle with your taste buds just briefly, while the drink sweeps its distinct flavor profile. As the liquid enters the mix, it sweeps the Kratom into your digestive system, where its properties can be absorbed quickly.
It’s simple, yet needs a dash of precision, and some consideration of the method’s pros and cons.

Pro’s of the Toss and Wash Method

Once you learn how to toss and wash Kratom properly, these are some of the benefits you will enjoy:
  • The toss and wash method is quick, direct, and doesn’t d awdle! You don’t need any elaborate wait times or preparation steps. 
  • The method fast tracks the absorption of Kratom in your body. Because you consume the entire serving size in one gulp.
  • You can control the serving size since you can adjust the powder you consume. This way, you get a more personalized experience determined by your immediate needs.

Cons of the Toss and Wash Method

Even the kratom toss and wash method has its thorns. These are some cons you want to look out for – newbies, be aware!
  • The toss and wash Kratom method can be like riding a rollercoaster with a blindfold on – exciting but a tad jolting for the body. If not experienced, and if you happen to accidentally breath in, it can cause an uninvited coughing fit. Putting the Kratom in your mouth lousily can cause you to gag or expel some powder. 
  • Kratom’s bitterness is an acquired taste for many. And since you toss the powder directly into your mouth, you will most certainly taste it. 
The good news is that there are tips and tricks to overcome these challenges. 

Tips for Toss and Wash Success!

Remember, one of the benefits of using the toss and wash method is that it gives you autonomy in how you use and consume the powder. So, conquer the unpleasantness of the technique by:
  • Drinking as much water as you need. So, the answer to “How much water do you toss and wash kratom with” would be to drink without limitations, but only what you consider enough. The ultimate amount is usually about 8-12 ounces. Water will make it easier for the powder to move through your throat.
  • Substituting the water with other beverages, preferably the ones you like. Toss and wash with orange juice is a common alternative to tossing and washing with water. You can also choose to toss and wash kratom soda.
  • Be careful about the amount of Kratom powder you use. Too much gets lost in the toss, and some to bouts of coughing. Stick to your recommended dose or small amounts. 
  • Work on your technique to improve your precision. Tilting your head slightly while you place the powder on your tongue will reduce spillage. 
If these tips still don’t work, consider changing your method entirely. More on this later. For now, here is a step-by-step guide on the classic toss and wash kratom method. 

How Much Kratom Do You Need to Toss and Wash?

Use your typical serving size to determine the amount of Kratom you need to toss and wash. On average, use a teaspoon to measure or use about 1 to 3 grams of Kratom powder. The more powder you commune, the likelier it is for you to choke. You can use this Kratom dosage guide to get the right amount. 

The Classic Toss and Wash Kratom Method

When looking to perfect the art of “how to toss and wash Kratom properly, this is what you do:
  1. Gather your tools, including a measuring spoon, a beverage, and Kratom powder.
  2. Use a digital scale to measure your kratom powder dose. 
  3. Prepare your beverage, be it water, orange juice, or milk.
  4. Tilt your head and use a spoon or hand to place the Kratom on your tongue. 
  5. Drink your beverage, swish it in your mouth to mix with the powder, and swallow. 
  6. Wash down the powder with another sip of your beverage to offset the taste of the power. 
  7. Keep your hydration levels high by drinking water since the powder has mild dehydrating effects. 
Remember to start small, a spoonful at a time, and ensure the powder sits on your tongue, not the back of your throat. Take your time!

Toss and Wash Alternative, the “Mix and Wash” Kratom Method

If you find the classic method rough around the edges, try the refined cousin, the mix and wash Kratom method. The difference is mixing the powder in a bit of water (or your chosen beverage) to create a Kratom cocktail before sending it down the hatch. Technically:
1.     Measure your desired Kratom powder dose and put it in a bottle you can seal.
2.     Pour your preferred beverage into the bottle and seal the container.
3.     Shake the contents in the container and make sure they mix well. 
4.     Drink the mixture in one swig.
5.     Gulp your beverage to wash down your mixture. 
If you can’t handle toss and wash Kratom, you can also wash or toss cups with straws to mix the Kratom with your beverage before taking your swig. This method eliminates some kratom toss and wash dangers like coughing, choking, or gagging on the powder. It also reduces the taste of the Kratom, making it easier to swallow. 

Not a Fan? Try these Other Methods to Ingest Kratom

If “toss and wash” feels like a rough tide, there are more ways to try, like brewing a calming Kratom tea or blending it into a smoothie or sweet foods. 
Kratom extracts are additional alternatives to Kratom powder that undergo the process of alkaloid isolation. This makes the Kratom extract incredibly potent. You can take the extracts in shots, as kratom tinctures or as extract capsules . 
Or buy some Kratom capsules and have them with no taste. With Kratom tea, you can choose a variety of flavors based on your preferences. This is what you can expect from the alternative methods of ingesting Kratom:

Kratom tea vs. Toss and Wash

In Southeast Asia communities where Kratom has been incorporated into their lifestyles for centuries, the indigenous tree is ingested by chewing the Kratom leaves or brewing the leaves or the powder into tea. 
But in Western communities, ingestion methods like toss and wash for crushed leaf kratom can be hard to swallow. That is why Kratom tea is a hugely embraced alternative for many people. When comparing toss and wash vs. tea, consider the following:
  • The texture and the taste from both. Tea is more pleasant for most people because when sweetened or flavored, it masks the acidic nature of Kratom powder, an experience that is inescapable with the toss and wash method. 
  • How long it takes toss and wash Kratom to work. Usually, the toss and wash method causes faster ingestion into the bloodstream and the digestive system. But since Kratom tea takes longer to prepare and consume (it would be hard to take hot tea in one gulp), it takes longer for the effects of the powder to take root. The advantage of using Kratom tea is that the results can last longer. 
  • If the Kratom tea is readymade, measuring the exact dose of Kratom you consume becomes difficult, unlike the toss and wash method, where you control your dosage. 

Kratom Toss and Wash vs. Capsules

Pills or capsules are alternative ingestion ways that make it easier to swallow Kratom powder without dealing with the acidic taste of the powder. When comparing kratom capsules vs. toss and wash, consider the following:
  • Is it easy to consume Kratom using the toss and wash vs. pills? Typically, Kratom capsules are more convenient since they are pre-measured, tasteless, and have no coughing or choking effects. 
  • The Kratom capsules take longer to enter the bloodstream because the tablet must dissolve before the powder is absorbed into the body. The toss and wash method deposits the powder directly into your digestive system. 
  • Even though you measure the exact dose you take using the toss and wash method, capsules have a more controlled amount of Kratom. Therefore, it is easier to try different quantities until you get your desired results with capsules compared to the powder. 
  • The capsules are mobile-friendly compared to the powder, making them more convenient for carrying and consuming as desired. 

Is Kratom Toss and Wash Not Working?

At face value, Ingesting Kratom using the toss and wash method is bold. But there are cases where kratom toss and wash have gone wrong. Some Kratom toss and wash side effects include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and headaches.

Toss and Wash Nausea

Toss and wash nauseous mostly occurs when Kratom powder is taken in large doses. If this happens, it is common to experience Kratom toss and wash vomit later. These effects also occur when different Kratom strains are mixed or taken together. 
Your food allergies could likely contribute to nausea and migraines. Individuals with a history of hypersensitivity in the stomach are likelier to experience Kratom nausea.  
Don’t toss and wash Kratom on an empty stomach because quick ingestion without food can induce nausea. And if you are sensitive to smell and taste, the toss and wash method of ingestion might also increase the likelihood of getting nausea and headaches. 
When tossing and washing Kratom strains to purposely reduce nausea:
  • Brew Kratom tea instead of tossing and washing the Kratom. Tea removes the non-essential elements in Kratom that cause nausea while preserving the necessary alkaloids. 
  • Reduce your Kratom dose. Monitor how you feel when you ingest Kratom and reduce the amount as desired until you no longer feel nauseated. 
  • Add ginger to your Kratom powder. Natural ginger soothes upset stomachs. A little will go a long way here. 
  • You can also ingest an antacid for half an hour before taking your Kratom powder if you prefer to toss and wash on an empty stomach. This will reduce your stomach acid and create a more favorable environment for Kratom ingestion. 
Additionally, consider how the different strains influence your digestion. 

The Different Kratom Strains 

Different Kratom strains have different side effects because of their production process. For instance, the red vein Kratom is produced to give a different hue, changing the Kratom powder’s properties and benefits in the process. 
So, when ingesting Kratom, toss and wash red vein Kratom to promote peace and calm. A second strain is the white vein Kratom strain, which increases your motivation and optimism. Then there is the green vein Kratom, best used for reducing irritation. 


Whether you use kratom tea, capsules, or powder, your experience should influence your preference. Experiment with different methods of consuming Kratom powder until you find one that suits you. Keep in mind that some users are not so lucky – Kratom can have side effects that make the experience detestable. With that in mind, if toss and wash is not your method, don’t hesitate to try alternative ingestion methods that work wonders for you. After all, your journey with Kratom should be as enjoyable as a stroll in a lush green park. Your path to wellness should be strewn with roses, not thorns!
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